Skills of Car Paint Maintenance

2019-07-09 429

The so-called car paint, when sprayed on the car, is called car paint. Car paint is also a kind of paint. Car spray paint not only forms a non-corrosive maintenance film on the outside of the car, but also prolongs the service life of the car and gives people a beautiful enjoyment. So how should we maintain our car paint?

Car wash after rain

Sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and suspended particulate matter in urban polluted air can be mixed with rainfall to form acid rain. The PH value of acid rain is between 4 and 5.0. If the chemical white is very small, this part can be directly ignored, which is harmful to the body painting.

After the acid rain, the car was covered with an acid attachment with dust and stains. When acid-base substances combine with dew in the morning, acid corrosion will occur again.

The body paint is repeatedly damaged by acidic substances until the gold oil layer is thoroughly corroded and the vehicle will completely lose its luster. In order to thoroughly maintain your car, the owner must diligently clean and maintain his car in the right way to reduce the acid residence time on the car body.