Repair Skills of Automobile Repair Paint

2019-07-09 401

After the new car has been in use for some time, it is inevitable that the paint surface will be damaged, so many pot friends choose to use car paint pen to do the painting by hand. Very few people care about how to use the car paint pen. But if I don't know how to use the car paint pen, I'll be disappointed after it is repaired.

For the small black spots and scratches on the driver, the car paint pen can handle them for you. But we should also learn how to use the car paint pen, otherwise we will find that it is happy and sad.

Car paint pens are similar to ordinary carbon pens, and they do contain car paint. There are two pen heads, one is as big and thin as a ball pen core, which can repair slight scratches, and one is like a brush tip, which can repair a large number of car paint at a time.


First of all, the rust, stain and vegetable oil on the surface of the paint should be thoroughly removed. How to use the car paint pen, the rust stain should be gently ground with a very fine water sanding paper dipping material, and thoroughly cleaned to ensure that the rust is not easy to expand.

Stick the tape around the scratch to prevent the car's paint brush from smearing the part that has not been scratched. How to use the car paint pen, in order to surpass the stronger practical effect, it can also be equipped with abrasive paste, to grind scratches and paint surface, to enhance the adhesion of car paint.

With the tip of the brush attached to the car paint pen, along the car body scars like beans, how to use the car paint pen, this process is particularly important, we must be careful.

If it is still insufficient to be leveled, it can only be rubbed off with fine sand wax ten days after the paint has dried up.