What color matching skills do you have in car paint?

2019-07-09 376

Car exterior is one of the most important parts of the car. It is inevitable that the car will scratch and bump in the course of driving. At this time, it needs to be repaired. What skills are there in car paint matching? Let's learn about it today.

1. To distinguish colors accurately, the hue, brightness and purity under the condition of standard light source can be distinguished accurately according to the color on the color board, and the necessary basis for determining the main color and background color is to adjust the hue, brightness, purity and primary color material.

2. Proper selection of colors and ammonium requirements require the use of cutting edges, varieties and diluents, as well as auxiliary information. Choose primary color materials with excellent performance and economy.

3. After adjusting the samples in a large amount, the samples should be adjusted first without color matching equipment, and the accuracy of color ratio can be obtained, which lays a foundation for a large number of modulation and waste reduction.

4. The preparation process and methods should strictly follow the shallow and deep principles, and the mixture should be fully mixed and evenly mixed.

5. When adding excipients, it is necessary to select suitable varieties according to strict proportion, and to add appropriate amount of homogenizer at appropriate time. In particular, the color paint is wet and the sample color is solid, so the color of the paint should be lighter than the sample structure, not too close, not too deep. It should be slightly lighter than the original color, so the same color will be the same after the paint is dry, otherwise it will be too deep.