What Preparations Should Be Made for Spraying Advertising Marking Paint

2019-07-09 484

With the development of society, the requirements of customers in the advertising industry are getting higher and higher. Now, customers are demanding that advertisements be wind-proof, sunshine-proof, non-falling, color-stable and so on. Advertisements that can meet these requirements need to do well in advance. What are the specific ones? The editor tells you today.

Preparations for Spray Advertising:

Top: Pretreatment is very important before spraying advertising paint. Except for oil and dust, objects are greasy and even the best paint will not stick.

Second: Air compressor water is necessary to release, otherwise it is easy to penetrate into the paint, so that there are water droplets on the surface of the paint.

Third: Spraying space should be kept clean, no wax or fibers. What is invisible to the naked eye also sinks into the paint bucket and feeds back to the appearance of the advertising film.

Fourth: When spraying, please follow the strict share distribution, do not cut corners. Some chefs will cut down the paint, perhaps thinner, there will be depression or orange peel phenomenon when spraying, many cases are due to the wrong share.

Fifth: After the paint is prepared, it is necessary to use it within 2 hours, otherwise chemical reaction will occur, and then affect the final results.