Why does automobile paint blister

2019-07-09 380

There must be no bubbles in the paint of a new car. Usually, the bubbles in the paint of a car are the phenomena that may appear only after the innovation of the car's spray painting from scratch. There are many reasons for side blistering. The most probable reason for side blistering is that it is affected by water. What are the specific reasons for this? Next, follow Xiaobian to learn about it!

The first is that after spraying the car paint, the moisture is inside the paint film. When it is hot, it needs transpiration. It will form pressure bubbles on the car paint surface, that is, bubbles. When it is cold, that is to say, the temperature is not so high, bubbles disappear. In fact, it is the same as thermal expansion and contraction. So when we are in the car paint, bubbles will form pressure bubbles. When spraying the car paint, it must be dull for the paint film, and it is not allowed to leave moisture beside it. Presentation of this situation is basically inappropriate operation of the painter, such as dry after water grinding is not thorough, and the use of gasoline instead of degreaser on the base material degreasing, paint mix is incorrect, and so on!

The second is that the quality of car paint materials is not up to standard, because when the weather is wet and rainy, water vapor will easily invade the inside of the paint, and when the temperature rises, the paint film on the outside will close the water vapor inside, and if the vapor transpiration does not come out, then it will cause the paint surface blistering. So the quality of car paint must pass, if car paint to spray paint must choose large, regular car spray paint factory or 4S shop, has always advised all owners, cheap no good goods, good goods are not cheap, want good quality, do not tangle prices! In this situation, we can only find car spray paint factory to innovate from scratch!