What are the common car repair paints?

2019-07-09 17:28:49

Waterborne paint

Water-based paint, water as the main diluent (water accounts for about 70% of the diluent, and other preparations), does not contain organic solvent-free coatings, benzene, toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, free TDI toxic heavy metals. Non-toxic and non-irritating odor, harmless to human body, no pollution to the environment, full film, crystal clear, with elasticity, waterproof, wear-resistant, aging resistance, yellowing resistance, fast drying and other characteristics.

The above characteristics are very satisfactory and can meet various requirements of automotive coatings. And it has color.

Oily paint

Paint is a kind of polluting and flammable diluent, such as banana water and Tiannao water. It contains many harmful carcinogens, such as benzene and xylene, which endanger human health. Therefore, paint is also known as invisible killer. In order to save energy, protect the environment and protect people's health, it is a general trend for China's automobile paint trading network to replace paint with water-based paint. Developed countries such as Europe, the United States and Japan have completed the transition from paint to water-based paint.

In recent years, China has just begun to gradually promote the spread of waterborne coatings. Compared with oily coatings, waterborne coatings have higher cost and stricter construction requirements, which put forward higher requirements for hardware facilities and personnel skills of automobile repair enterprises.

Metal paint

Metal paint, because it is mixed with metal powder, not only makes the surface of paint components look more delicate, but also because of the refraction of light, makes the car color and contour change color at different angles. In addition to high hardness, metal paint can also express the beauty of the car body.

Another reason is that owners without garages can only park their cars in outdoor open-air parking lots, and their rubbing is inevitable. For "metal paint" automobiles, reduce the cost of repairing and baking paint from scratch.