Reasons for the lack of gloss in automotive repairing paint

2019-07-09 17:22:02

In the original smooth car paint surface, if there is a lack of luster on the surface, especially in the process of car paint care, it can be observed under the microscope that the appearance is rough, what is the reason for this? Here is a brief analysis of the automotive repairing paint.

First, the primer has poor adhesion, or the primer is sprayed with topcoat before it is completely solidified.

2. The quality of the materials used for paint protection is too poor or the model is incorrect or other matching additives are used.

3. Because the temperature is too high or too low, the drying rate of the coating is too slow.

Fourth, improper paint distribution or spraying methods.

5. The surface quality of the basement is too poor.

6. Solvent vapor or car exhaust invades the surface of the paint film.

The surface of the paint film is contaminated by wax, grease, oil, soapy water or water.

8. Use too strong detergents, detergents and polishing too early after spraying the finish paint, or use too thick polishing paste.