Repair process of automobile repairing paint

2019-07-09 17:24:16

Vehicles in daily life will inevitably encounter some bumps and bumps, generally scratched paint will be repaired, then you know what work the repair process needs to go through, Xiaobian will tell you today.

Repair process of automobile paint:

1. The body is used for rust prevention and internal spraying: the condition of the body is appraised by the staff.

2. Polishing and pruning inclined surface: P60-180 sandpaper polishing is used to repair the main body of metal plate, and repair the place where atomic ash is needed.

3. Dust removal and cleaning: Use pressure gun and silicon removal detergent to remove dust and dirt from the body.

4. Nursing: Use anti-sticking skills to paste shelter paper.

5. Paint primer: mix 4:1 red primer, coat 1-2 layers of polished metal, expose metal, and then bake.

6. Atomic Ash Filling: Mixed multi-functional atomic ash is filled in the hollow position of the car body and placed in a 20 degree Celsius environment for 30 minutes.

7. Polishing atomic ash: polish with P60-240 sandpaper, touch with hand or indicator layer to check smoothness, pinholes and marks.

8. Special Young Atomic Ash: Used when needed, filling pinholes, sandpaper marking, etc.

9. Grinding: The use of P280 # sandpaper to thoroughly polish the old coatings sprayed with central coatings.

10. Dust removal and cleaning: Use pressure guns and silicon removal detergents to remove dust and stains on the body.

11. Nursing: Use masking paper.

12. Spraying central paint: Mix 2-3 layers of multi-functional central paint, each layer separated for 5-10 minutes, then dry for 30 minutes at 60 degrees Celsius, then spray on the polishing indicator layer.